Stressed? Tired? Here’s why spa days are revolutionising mental wellbeing

NORTHCOTE 2020 66 min

James Holloway, co-founder of Clearfocus Training – a mental health and communications training provider based in Exeter – gives his take on spas and why this increasingly popular form of relaxation is so beneficial to people’s mental wellbeing. When the tirade of chaotic children and long work hours get too much, and your blood pressure hits […]

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A Postcard from Clovelly: Top things to see, activities and attractions

NORTHCOTE 2020 63 min

For many who visit Devon each year, the real highlight is a traditional taste of life in the slow lane. Think cute seaside towns and sleepy villages; locations with cobbled streets, traditional pubs and shops. Places where local crafts and history thrive, while the giant chain stores and brands are absent.  If a perfect old-fashioned […]

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