Our country hotel and spa in North Devon is nestled in the gloriously green countryside. We have a 2 AA rosette restaurant for guests eating local, with a stellar reputation for our locally sourced, seasonal menus. We take our food seriously and work hard to create a relaxing and pleasurable atmosphere, offering light lunches to sumptuous mains, afternoon teas, mouth-watering desserts, and menus for special occasions.

As well as our luxury restaurant situated at the manor, we are proud to be near some of the best local pubs and restaurants. Dining locally not only provides you with better quality, more organic food and drinks, but it also supports local hospitality and farming. Considering the world’s current climate, we can’t stress enough the importance of supporting your locals.

Dining at local restaurants often means eating food made in the local area. You can tell by the quality, taste, and diversity of the menus that local ingredients are a cut above the rest. There are many benefits and reasons why you should embrace eating locally that we will cover below, from community contribution and investment to seasonal menus designed to support your health and tantalize your tastebuds.

An Opportunity to Discover New Dishes

By eating at local pubs, restaurants, and hotels, you can try new and unique ingredients grown in the local area. In turn, this increases your knowledge of the agricultural practices of the community and all it has to offer. You may even find a new favourite!

Local Food is Fresher & More Nutritious

Nothing compares to the taste of fresh produce. Ingredients that are grown in the local area skip packing, transport and don’t face sitting on store shelves for days. This ensures local produce keeps all its nutrients, retains original colours and flavours, and has more time to ripen – also having a positive impact on your health.

Eating Local Helps the Environment

Around 70% of the UK consists of farmland. Produce that is grown locally is less likely to suffer from artificial intervention to boost growth. Many local farmers are working towards producing foods that enhance the quality of their soil rather than damage it. Plus, they carry out other practices that reduce the environmental impact on food production, such as less plastic for packaging.

The average fresh food ingredient travels 1,500 miles before reaching its destination. Therefore, by eating local, you are buying food that has not undergone fuel-intensive transport (which leaves a huge carbon footprint).

Supports the Local Economy

Eating local supports farmers and producers who don’t have the same means or resources as large, corporate producers. Locals rely on natural methods, such as organic foods which are beneficial to your health and our environment. Supporting these local farmers and producers also ensures they earn the money they deserve and need to stay in business.

You Will Benefit from Eating Seasonally

Local farmers are only able to grow what the seasons support. Produce grown within the natural cycle of our seasons are designed to support our health throughout the year. We can trust nature to provide us with what we need, from full and leafy greens in the spring to detox our bodies to ripe fruits in the summer that keep us healthy and hydrated. Seasonal eating enables us to explore the authentic contours and benefits of different fruits and vegetables throughout the year.  

We are proud to offer seasonal and local produce on our menus at Northcote Manor. You can discover more about our award-winning restaurant here. Alternatively, please check out our seasonal menus, which complement the surroundings of our Devon countryside hotel and Northcote Manor’s history, created by our Head Chef, Richie Herkes.