Hotel, restaurant and spa.

For our hotel and spa residents, we’ve considered the entire customer journey to assess how we can keep you as safe as possible, whilst still giving you the service and experience for which we’re renowned.


From the 17th May the new Governments Guidance is that we will not be able to accommodate groups of 7 or more. This will mean that we aren’t able to take parties or tables of 7 or more until the Government relaxes the rule. We kindly ask that all guests who stay with us stay within a maximum of 6 people groups and don’t mix with other groups that then exceed the maximum number of 6. We are open as normal and have a very strong covid19 policy in place. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you to Northcote for your stay. We hope that from the 23rd June 2021 this rule will be relaxed and group over 6 will then be permitted.

Please be aware that from the 17th May, due to government new regulations, all guests will be required to wear a facemask in all public areas. This will include walking through corridors, hotel, in the spa until use of the facilities are reached, coming down for breakfast and dinner and until you are sat in either the lounge of restaurant. We respectfully ask this new legislation to be followed at all times. For those guests who have a medical card that excludes you, please bring and show to a staff member on check in.

Northcote Manor Hotel 8 Point Plan

1: Pre- Arrival
2: Arrival and Check-In
3: Common Areas
4: Bedrooms and Bathrooms
5: Spa and Leisure Facilities
6: Food And Drink
7: Check-Out
8: Staff Training, Hygiene and Protection

1. Pre-Arrival

You can book your stay online at or by calling our reservations team on 01769 560501.

For your peace of mind prior to your stay, the following procedures are in place:

a). Our Covid19 policy for both guests and staff will be available on our website, this will be updated in accordance with any further government guidance.
b). Our reservations team will email out our up to date cvoid19 policy and, necessary information about your stay a week prior to your arrival.
c). We politely request that if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 that you call us to postpone your stay. These include, but are not limited to, a high temperature, a new and persistent cough, loss of taste and smell.
d). We strongly recommend that you download the government approved track and trace app to ensure that we are all alerted to any guest who may pose a risk of spreading Covid-19.
e). We will be open again for Non Residents- lunches, afternoon teas and dinners from the 1st October, in line with governments guidelines.

2. Arrival and Check In

a). We politely request that if you are displaying any symptoms of covid-19 that you do not enter the hotel. These include but are not limited to a high temperature, a new and persistent cough, loss of taste and smell. Ant guests or visitors displaying covid-19 symptoms may be asked to leave the premises.
b). Check in is from 3pm unless your offer has alternative conditions. We respectfully ask that there will be no early check ins to allow us the time to ensure the hotel has been properly cleaned following the mornings check outs.
c). On arrival, please enter the building via the main entrance, where you will find our arrival desk. Our arrival desk will allow us the chance to go through the information for your stay. We will also have a personal letter for each guest in your hotel bedroom with extra information n to allow you the chance to have the best stay possible.
We will give you the choice to have your temperature taken and recorded on your booking notes but this is totally up to you and isn’t compulsory.
You will be checked in from there. A member of staff will ask you your car registration number, time for dinner and breakfast and whether you would like your room to made up during your stay.
d). The check in process will be streamlined to reduce the contact experience. You can leave your luggage at the arrival desk if you wish us to take it to your room. We will only take it to the door we won’t enter your room once you have checked in to minimise contact.
e). There are hand sanitising stations throughout the hotel at all entry and exit points and guests are required to sanitise before entering the hotel.
f). The arrival, desk, reception desk will have protected plastic screens and we ask that only one room is in either area at a time so that we can deal with you in the safest and fastest manor.
g).All services, screens, door handles and equipment with be cleaned after use and every hour, these will be documented for guest and staff safety.
h). If you have any questions or need assistance during your stay, please dial 0 from the hotel phone.
I). Staff will work in small teams during the day to minimise contact and protect both guests and staff. We will endeavour to deliver the great service Northcote has become known for but please bear with us if we are dealing with other guests.

3. Common Areas

a). We have heightened our already high level of cleaning procedures to include extensive cleaning of shared surfaces during the day.
b). We have set up hand sanitising stations through the hotel for you to use and polity ask that you to use them before entering the hotel.
c). We have equipped our customer toilets with sanitising hand wash at the basins and disposable paper towels.
d). To avoid overcrowding and unnecessary contact we ask guests who are staying with us, where possible to use the toilet in their bedrooms.
e). When walking through the hotel we do ask that you please keep a social distance of 1 metres plus, between yourself and other guests where possible.
f). Any magazines, papers or literature will no longer be on display. If you require any information a staff member will happily bring it to you.

4. Bedrooms and Bathrooms

a). Every guest bedroom and en-suite will be cleaned and fully sanitised before each stay.
b). Fabric items such as mattresses, pillows carpets, chairs and other furniture will be sprayed with an approved sanitising solution.
c). All surfaces will be thoroughly wiped down and cleaned prior to your arrival
d). Lines, towels and robes are professionally washed.
E). Extra’s such as biscuits, teas, coffees and apples will still be in the hotel but limited amounts if you require more please dial 0 and we will happily bring them to your room and leave by your door.
f). Our housekeeping team undergo a strict sanitisation process to commencing work and will wear appropriate PPE during cleaning of the rooms.
g). Turndown service will no longer be given, make up service can only be done if booked at check in. Should you require make up service to be done we will require personal items including toiletries to be stowed away and rooms vacant.
If you do not wish for makeup service to be done, you can leave a check list in front of your door if you require anything and housekeeping will happily replenish your requirements.

5. Food and drink

a). When staying with us you can dine in your room, or where guidance and regulations permit, in the designated dining areas. Evening dining times will be agreed with you on check in or prior to arrival. To allow for a longer service to help with prevention on excessive contact we have increased our dinner service from 6pm-8.20pm.
As we need to allow for a 1metre plus gap between tables we will be spreading our evening restaurant across both our main restaurant and conservatory.

Tables will be laid up as close as possible to each service to help prevent cross contamination. b). Evening service will be based from your dinner table to help with social distancing this includes drinks orders, but we will ensure our staff keep the minimal 1 metre when taking orders, and all menu’s will be only one use so they will be disposed of after each service. Dessert orders will be taken at the same time as the rest of the meal.
c). Breakfast times will be taken from you during your evening meals. There will be no buffets for the foreseeable future so we will be offering an ala carte service. You can order your breakfast in the morning or if you would like you can order your breakfast from our menu’s and leave outside your door. Please ask a staff member for the breakfast menu choices if you wish to do this.
d). We are able to offer flexible able configurations and dependent upon household size including multi-generational family groups that, where possible will be located alongside each other.
e). To maintain the social distancing guidelines, we will not be serving drinks at the bar but will be offering a full table service.
f). We do ask whenever possible guests staying with us to use the toilets in their rooms.
g). All front of house staff will be wearing face masks, to ensure the safety of all our guests.

6. Spa and its Facilities.

The Spa will open for the pool and hot tub from the 24th May, Treatments can be booked by both residents and non-residents by appointments only.

a). All spa staff have undertaken and passed the Barbicide covid-19 certification.
b). On entry to the spa all guests will be required to have their temperatures taken and documented.
c). The spa will be by appointment times only between the hours of 9am-6.30pm. the times between 8am-9am and 6.30pm-8pm times aren’t required. The spa won’t be staffed between the 8am-9am and 6.30-8pm times but all guests will be asked to take their own temperatures and sign in accordingly, this includes facilities and treatments to help prevent increased contact. We respectfully ask that all appointments are attended punctually.
The appointment times will be 45 minutes for the pool area and 1 hour for the gym.
Only 3 rooms/ two groups of two in the pool room at any one time and only 2 people in the gym at any one time.
Changing rooms and showers will be closed under government guidance. Pool side showers will be usable only.
d). Hotel guests will be asked to change into their gym wear or swim wear in their rooms.
e). We have added perplex screen to our spa reception, the spa team will check you in on your entry.
f). The spa team will undergo and ensure the gym equipment is cleaned immediately after use and like the hotel will have a cleaning schedule that will be done every hour.
g). Our spa team will wear PPE, face masks, visors or goggles and disposable aprons.
h). The spa team will also ensure frequent cleaning of shared surfaces, changing rooms and public spaces after use and each hour.
i). We have set up hand sanitiser stations around the spa we please ask that you use them before entering the spa.
j). We may need to briefly close areas throughout the day to carry out further deep cleaning and sanitisation.
k). We do ask that if you are displaying any symptoms of coivd-19 that you call us to postpone your appointment.
L). The spa opening times from May 2021 will be 8am-8pm.
m). We will take all guests contact details, entry times and exit times in the spa and keep these details for 21 days in case of any cases to be able to contact other guests.
n). From the 24th May all guests will be required to wear face masks on entering and walking around the spa to the facilities.
o). All guests will be required to wear face masks during treatments and follow our in room covid-19 policy.

7. Check-Out

a).   We have changed our check out procedure to help increase its efficiency. We will place your room bill under your door on the day of check out to help speed up the check out.
b). To check out please leave your key in your room door and make your way to reception. Please only one room in reception at a time. 
c). We kindly ask that you use the hand sanitiser at reception before using the card machine. We Will accept credit/debit card or cash as form of payment.

8. Our staff: Training, hygiene and protection:

a). All our teams have undergone a comprehensive hospitality focused training on how to prevent the contagion of covid-19. We will continue to elevate our training as best practise evolves.
b). All staff members who shows any symptoms of covid-19 will be immediately sent home and will be required to self-isolate for 14 days prior to returning to work.
c). All staff temperatures will be taken and recorded will be taken and recorded when they sign in for duty each day.
d). Hand sanitising stations are located at all entry and exit points and in “staff only areas” throughout the hotel for our staff members to use. They are required to regularly sanitise and hand wash. They will also have their own personal belt buckle hand sanitiser.
e). Revised hotel operating procedures are displayed throughout the “staff only” areas and extensive training has been given to all staff members.

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