Spa Treatments

Our selection of spa treatments include a selection of body treatments, facials, scrubs & wraps, foot treatments, hand treatments along with a special selection of VIP and Signature treatments.

Escape the everyday

Here at Northcote Manor, we’ve created a North Devon sanctuary, complete with all the treatments needed to meet the varied requirements of our guests.

The luxurious North Devon spa is designed to enhance your natural wellbeing through relaxing and rejuvenating treatments, all designed to include natural ingredients and skilful therapeutic techniques.

Enjoy a luxury North Devon spa day and indulge in a range of treatments, from luxury massages and facials to manicures and pedicures.

We have a large selection of body and soul treats, from 15 minute treatments upwards.

After enjoying the treatments, indulge in the relaxing atmosphere of the rest of the spa facilities. Detoxify in our steam room, take a dip in our pool, or simply unwind by our pool.

a collection of products from the northcote manor spa

Spa Treatment List

Whether it’s a relaxing massage or routine wax, we’ve got something to suit your every need. We even have specific treatments for expectant mums and men, and VIP treatments for those extra special days.

Body Treatments

Drift Away

Our relaxing full body massage

This deeply relaxing, top-to-toe massage is guaranteed to have you drifting away. Formulated with a dreamy blend of Mediterranean essential oils including Frankincense, Lavender and Patchouli this massage will release tension and leave you feeling grounded.

This is the perfect treatment to soothe and calm frazzled nerves and wind down an active mind.

Upgrade your experience to 90 minutes to include a signature face and scalp massage using our aromatherapy resting cream, REPOSE.

30 minutes ¦ £60 

60 minutes ¦ £90

90 minutes ¦ £115


  • Instant relaxation
  • Eased muscles
  • Hydrated skin

Work It Out

Our detoxing massage

This detoxifying, deep tissue massage relieves fluid retention and works out tired, aching muscles.

We begin with full body brushing to stimulate the circulation to improve lymph drainage.

Then, using the ingenious Work It Out detox massage oil, including essential oils of Juniper, Lavender and Cypress, we perform a deep tissue, body-boosting massage. Muscle-fitness techniques and movements really give your muscles a work out – working on knots, tensions and tightness to help the detox process.

30 minutes ¦ £60

60 minutes ¦ £90 

90 minutes ¦ £115


  • Tired, achy muscles are eased
  • Less tense and tight
  • Body feels detoxed
  • Improved circulation

Your Best You!

Menopause Relief Treatment

This Unique top-to-toe treatment is bespoke to you, supporting fully during your second spring, no matter the stage you’re at.

Give us your whole hour and you’ll leave energised yet nurtured, at ease. Choose from warm or cool but hey its okay to your mind at any time, just say. This gentle, caring massage uses a combination of expert therapist hands and Himalayan Salt Stones with TEMPLESPA nurturing skincare. These healing stones produce negative ions to support stress relief, increase energy, and positively boost your mood. Rhythmic stretches, and gentle joint rotation rescue achy limbs and tension and a gentle lymph drainage facial reduces puffiness to leave skin fresh and feeling beautiful. Nutritious oils and our deeply hydrating & comforting body cream, DUVET gives your body the hug it deserves. You’ll step off the bed feeling fresh, calm and content knowing that you have done something good for you.

Your Best You once again.

Upgrade your treatment to 90 Minutes to include a lifting facial massage,
hot oil scalp massage and application of our award-winning Truffle products.

60 minutes ¦ £90

90 minutes ¦ £110


  • Rebalance the Body and soul
  • Renewed/ increased energy
  • Relieves stress and improves mood
  • Helps to improve quality of sleep
  • Comforts and hydrates the skin on the face and body
  • Releases tension and achy joints
  • Reduces puffiness on the face
  • Can help target hot flushes

New Beginnings

Our Mummy-to-Be massage

Pregnancy is a magical time, but it can leave many mums-to-be tired, achy, and stressed.

Our specially trained therapists know exactly how to work those sore, tired, and aching muscles while you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Enjoy an amazing full body massage without the need to lie on your tummy.

The treatment is complete with a face and scalp massage, which will leave you feeling relaxed and leave your skin feeling baby soft all over. We like to think that your little one might enjoy the sense of calm too!

60 minutes ¦ £90


  • Instant relaxation
  • Eased muscles
  • Hydrated skin

Rocks of the Mediterranean

Our hot stones massage

This popular thermal stone massage uses warm basalt stones to massage the body from head-to-toe. This wonderfully warming treatment works on energy points located throughout the body to rebalance and harmonise.

The muscles are relaxed and rejuvenated in a sensation totally unique to hot stone massage. This all-encompassing treatment is an experience you just have to have at least once in your life. Simply heavenly!

75 minutes ¦ £105


  • Instant relaxation
  • Eased muscles
  • Hydrated skin

The Power Breakfast Facial

Our express facial

If you’re looking to treat yourself but are short on time, or simply want fast, effective results, then our Power Breakfast Facial is perfect for you.

This revitalising facial includes a deep power cleanse, nutritious clay mask, and lymph drainage techniques for rapid turnaround. This is all topped off with a wake-up scalp massage.

Don’t worry, whilst this is a quick facial, you won’t feel rushed, just totally relaxed and pampered.

30 minutes ¦ £55


  • Instant glow
  • Clearer skin
  • Anti-ageing

Windows Of The Soul

Our anti-ageing eye treatment

This results-driven eye treatment is designed to deliver speedy results for tired, dull and puffy eyes. A pressure point eye massage lifts, firms and smooths eyes preparing them for the application of WINDOWS OF THE SOUL; a lightweight anti-ageing eye cream to hydrate, reduce puffiness and treat dark circles.

30 minutes ¦ £55


  • Anti-ageing
  • Refreshing and soothing
  • Toning and tightening

The Quick Fix

Express Glycolic Facial Peel

Want results but short on time? This results-driven facial includes a deep power-cleanse, oxygenating bubble peel, revitalising face massage and a wonderful scalp massage.

30 minutes ¦ £55


  • Brightening
  • Promotes radiance
  • Firming and tonings
  • Anti-ageing
  • Sculpting
  • Moisture levels are restored

All About the Glow

Vitamin C Radiance Facial Workout

This advanced, skin transforming facial turns up your glow with instant and visible results for firmer feeling & brighter, healthy-looking skin. Your complexion is transformed thanks to intelligent active intelligent active ingredients boosted by vitamin c and our glycolic acid complexes. Add our unique skin-lifting massage techniques and the results are even better skin. Deep double cleanse is followed by a layer of our state-of-the-art oxygenating bubble peel that powerfully resurfaces to transform your complexion from lacklustre to positivly glowing, Next up is a powerful skin workout that wakes up your skin and visibly lifts, depuffs and irons out fine lines. Finally, our proffessional-only alginate mask drives product deep intoo your skin to work its magic. We like to call the the facial gym power hour!

60 minutes ¦ £80


  • Brigtening
  • Instant Radiance
  • Firming and toning
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Purifying and retexturing
  • Sculpting
  • Advanced lifting massage
  • Moisture levels are restored

My Kinda Skin

Our bespoke prescription facial

This facial is a sensory journey that is tailored to your skin.

A relaxing face and décolletage massage is given using oils and botanicals specifically matched to your skin type.

Finished with a relaxing scalp massage, this facial will leave you feeling amazing and your skin looking incredible.

60 minutes ¦ £80


  • Brighter, more radiant skin
  • Settles and soothes
  • Targets skin concerns

Go Guy

Our executive facial treatment for men

Specially designed for men, this facial will soothe aching neck muscles, relieve stress, and revive your skin, making sure that you’re at peak performance.

Starting with a deep brush cleanse, we will clear your skin of any impurities and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Then, an exfoliating mask will further cleanse and exfoliate your skin, getting rid of any dead skin cells.

For the finale, a hot stone massage to the neck and shoulders.

60 minutes ¦ £80


  • Clearer skin
  • Less irritation
  • Anti-ageing

REPOSE Aromatherapy Facial

Our most relaxing and delightful facial

Nothing promotes wrinkles in the skin like stress, but luckily, there’s nothing like relaxation and hydration for smoothing it.

Using our sumptuous REPOSE facial cream and relaxing aromatherapy oils, our therapists will pamper you with a beautiful facial.

A relaxing face massage and eye treatment are followed with hot oil scalp massage and a hand and arm massage.

The pampering touch and sensory journey will leave you in pure bliss.

75 minutes ¦ £95


  • Hydrating
  • Soothing and calming
  • Relaxing

Totally Quenched & Drenched

Our rehydrating facial

Perfect for parched, tight, and uncomfortable skin, this facial will plump up your skin with an intense hit of moisture.

This divine treatment includes a cryogenic mask, intense eye therapy, lymph draining and lifting massage techniques, and a special remedy to encourage deep hydration and eliminate fine lines.

You’ll feel more radiant, more youthful, and totally hydrated!

75 minutes ¦ £95


  • Instantly hydrated skin
  • Moisturising
  • Anti-ageing

Champagne & Truffles Deluxe

The crème de la crème of radiance facials

If you’re looking for the ultimate indulgent treat, then this is the facial for you.

This luxury facial combines our award-winning truffle formulas with a deep double-cleansing ritual, a glycolic resurfacing peel, a skin-destressing alginate mask, cold stone therapy, and a unique skin-lifting and muscle-firming massage.

You’ll leave with ironed-out deep lines and wrinkles, firmer feeling and toned skin, reduced puffiness, and a youthful radiance with a supreme healthy skin glow.

90 minutes ¦ £115


  • Firmer skin
  • Anti-ageing
  • Reduces puffiness
Scrubs & Wraps

I’ll Be Back

A facial for the back

This invigorating treat includes an exfoliation scrub, a deep cleanse with warm purifying mud followed by a stimulating massage. Leaves you with a back to be proud of.

45 minutes ¦ £65


  • Brighter skin
  • Healthy glow
  • Soft and smooth feel

The Outer Glow

Our face & body exfoliation treatment

An invigorating and refreshing all-over exfoliation treatment that leaves skin soft, revitalised, and hydrated.

Targeting dead skin cells and dullness of the skin, this treatment will unleash a stunning outer glow.

This treatment is perfect as a ‘starter’ before another body treatment, as it helps the skin absorb products and moisture, helping you get the most out of your treatments.

It’s an absolute must before a holiday or special event!

45 minutes ¦ £65


  • Brighter skin
  • Healthy glow
  • Soft, smooth skin

Go Figure

Our firming, toning, and tightening body detox treatment

Looking to target certain areas of your body? This treatment helps you tone up and feel great.

Starting with lymphatic skin brushing techniques, surface fat cells are broken up and smoothed out.

This is then followed by a targeted detox massage for hips, thighs, and abs.

Then a calming marine and earth mud wrap soothes and smooths, before a friction, anti-cellulite rub is administered.

One treatment is fab, but you’ll see the best results after a course of six.

60 minutes ¦ £80


  • Improved circulation
  • Toned and tightened appearance
  • Reduced appearance of cellulite

Glorious Mud

Our skin conditioning and detoxifying mud wrap

Relaxing, detoxifying, and cosy, this treatment rids your body and skin of impurities and leaves you feeling totally refreshed.

This heavenly treatment starts with body-brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage and to detoxify the body.

After this, warm, vitamin and mineral-rich purifying mud is smoothed all over the body before you are wrapped up and the mud is given time to draw out impurities in the skin.

Once cocooned in this cosy wrap, we’ll pamper you even further with a glorious face and scalp massage.

60 minutes ¦ £80


  • Improved circulation
  • Detoxed
  • Relaxed
VIP Treatments

VIP Golden Truffle Experience

Our luxe top-to-toe face and body treatment

The ultimate in total luxury, great for all skin types.

This treatment delivers all over radiance-boosting results starting with a leg energiser and an invigorating full body scrub followed by a relaxing massage using our unique advanced anti-ageing body techniques, both tightening and toning.

Skin is left glowing, brighter and revived beyond expectation.

120 minutes ¦ £150


  • Revived appearance
  • Instant relaxation
  • Soft and smooth skin

My Kinda Mood

Our tailored facial and massage

If you’re not sure what you’d like but still know you want to be pampered, then this is the ideal treatment for you.

First, we help you choose the aromatherapy fragrance to match your mood. A wonderfully relaxing and restorative full body massage follows, and an indulgent facial using products tailored to your skin type and your wants and needs.

You’ll leave the treatment feeling, looking, and smelling absolutely amazing.

120 minutes ¦ £150


  • Instant relaxation
  • Smoother and softer skin
  • All-over hydration

Yummy Mummy To Be

Our best pre-natal massage

We’ve curated this experience to include everything a mother to be should have to make her feel healthy, gorgeous, and pampered.

Our specially designed treatment for expectant mummies will enable your full body to be massaged and treated without having to lie on your tummy.

Your luxurious full body massage will ease any tension and stress, making you (and the baby) feel happier and calmer immediately.

We follow this with a delicious face treatment packed with wonderful natural ingredients.

Finally, your legs will be revitalized with our leg energiser treatment – perfect for swollen ankles and tired legs.

150 minutes ¦ £185


  • Improved relaxation
  • Eased muscles
  • Hydrated skin
Signature Treatments

Hopi Ear Candling

This is a wonderfully relaxing and rebalancing treatment.

This painless treatment involves a specially designed candle being placed into the ear. The heat from the flame melts and loosens ear wax and ‘sucks’ the wax into the candle.

The candle treatment helps clear sinuses and relieves headaches and congestion.

45 minutes ¦ £60

Indian Head Massage

A revitalising massage to the back, neck, scalp and face, this treatment will leave you totally relaxed and feeling thoroughly pampered.

This relaxing and rebalancing treatment relives stress and tension from every part of your body, just by focusing on the head.

45 minutes ¦ £60

Warm Bamboo Therapy

The healing art of bamboo works to provide a deep tissue and relaxing treatment. Different length of warm bamboo are used to massage the body, leaving your muscles feeling stretched and warmed and your body feeling relaxed.

Perfect for promoting good circulation and lymphatic drainage, this Asian treatment is rapidly gaining popularity in the UK.

Full Body ¦ 75 minutes ¦ £90

Back ¦ 45 minutes ¦ £65

Foot Treatments

ZenSpa Pedicure Deluxe

Enjoy Jessica’s ZenSpa pedicure with the luxurious added treat of thermal heated booties for deeper penetration of oils and creams. This pedicure will increase circulation and relieve any pain in your joints.

75 minutes ¦ £75

ZenSpa Pedicure

Awaken your senses and discover the restorative powers of Asian aquatic plant extracts to purify, cleanse, soothe, and calm. Our therapists will remove any hard skin before massaging your feet with hydrating and conditioning creams. Cuticles on your toes will then be trimmed and your toenails shaped and expertly polished.

60 minutes ¦ £65

ZenSpa Pedicure With Geleration

Enjoy the sensory experience of a ZenSpa pedicure with longer-lasting results. Hard skin is removed, feet are massaged with conditioning creams. Cuticles are groomed & toe nails are shaped, finished with Jessica’s GELeration gel polish.

60 minutes ¦ £70

Executive Footcare For Men

Make the most out of your break with a relaxing and grooming foot and leg treatment. Great for soothing aches and pains, and making your feet look the best they’ve ever looked, this foot and leg treatment will leave you feeling fully refreshed.

After removing any hard skin, a trained therapist will massage your feet and legs are massaged with deep conditioning creams, leaving them softer and smoother. Cuticles will then be made neat and tidy and toenails will be perfectly shaped.

45 minutes ¦ £52


Our leg & foot energiser

This oh-so-good treatment is instant relief for tired and overworked legs and feet.

Gentle skin brushing helps eliminate excess fluids and to exfoliate the skin. This is followed by a warm oil massage and an invigorating foot rub to really relieve aches and pains.

This is great alone or a wonderful add-on to another treatment.

30 minutes ¦ £55


  • Improved circulation
  • Eased aches and pains in feet and legs
  • Instant relaxation
Hand Treatments

Existing Geleration Removal

(prior to a GELeration Manicure or Pedicure)

30 minutes ¦ £20

Jessica Prescriptive Manicure

This manicure is tailored to your nails’ specific needs. Your nails are analysed, and a treatment is agreed to suit their specific type. Then your hands are treated to exfoliation, massage, cuticle care, nail shaping, and application of basecoat and polish.

You can also take your perfect nail polish home with you.

45 minutes ¦ £50

Jessica Prescriptive Manicure

With Thermal Heated Mittens

Enjoy a wonderful manicure using Jessica nail products. This treatment has the luxurious added benefit of thermal heated mittens for deeper penetration of oils and creams.

This treatment choice is excellent for increasing circulation or relieving stiff, painful joints.

75 minutes ¦ £65

Jessica Express Manicure

Perfect for those who are always on the go.

Hands and cuticles are conditioned, nails are beautifully shaped, treated with a prescriptive basecoat, and completed with your perfect polish.

You can then take the polish home.

30 minutes ¦ £45

Geleration Luxury Manicure

After your hands are treated to exfoliation, massage, cuticle care, and nail shape, your manicure is finished off with Jessica’s GELeration gel polish. This polish is long-lasting and will keep your manicure looking amazing for longer.

60 minutes ¦ £55

Geleration Nail Shape & Polish

Nails are filed, shaped and finished with Jessica’s GELeration gel polish.

45 minutes ¦ £48

Gentlemen’s Club Hand & Nail Care

The perfect quick treatment to make sure that your hands are at their peak.

Hands are exfoliated to remove dryness and massaged with treatment creams, cuticles are conditioned and groomed, and nails are trimmed and shaped.

30 minutes ¦ £45

Extra Treats

Extra treats

A Little More? Add these delightful treats to any treatment

If you just can’t bear for your treatment to end, we have a wonderful selection of little extras to add to any of our main spa facials, massages, or body treatments.

1. Stressed out? Enjoy our hot stone neck and shoulder treatment.

2. Head feel heavy and uptight? Our relaxing hot oil scalp massage will soothe you.

3. Love your hands to be pampered? Select our indulgent hand ritual.

4. Want a spring in your step? Discover our pampering foot ritual.

15 minutes per treatment ¦ £25

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    ~ Leave M5 at Exit 27 for the A361 to North Devon, direction Barnstaple
    ~ After about 20 minutes, turn left at roundabout to South Molton
    ~ In the town centre, take the left fork, sign posted A377 Crediton (B3226)
    ~ Continue to the T-junction with A377, (about 20 minutes)
    ~ Turn right towards Barnstaple
    ~ After nearly 3 miles, you will see the Portsmouth Arms Railway Station on the right – 100 yards further, opposite the Portsmouth Arms Public House car park, turn left into Northcote Manor Private Drive. The hotel is ¾ of a mile up this drive.

    N.B. Do not turn off the A377 towards Burrington. If you are using a satellite navigation device please type in ‘Portsmouth Arms’ EX37 9ND as our postcode will take you on the very scenic route around the houses.

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