We take your Cream Tea seriously

The English don’t joke when it comes to teatime, we are known for having various variations of tea, out of which a particularly unique kind is cream tea. At Northcote Manor we put great emphasis on our cream tea, also referred to as Devon cream tea/Cornish cream tea/Devonshire tea, which is a lighter and simpler version of afternoon tea with a sweet twist. Instead of the traditional sandwiches and finger foods, cream tea consists of scones and clotted cream and jam.

There are two different ways to indulge in cream tea. The Devonshire method refers to splitting a scone in half and spreading clotted cream on first, followed by a spoonful of our homemade strawberry jam. In Cornwall, on the contrary, the Cornish people like to switch things by adding strawberry jam first, and then clotted cream.

At Northcote Manor, we serve you a warm, freshly baked scone and clotted cream instead of whipped along with different flavours of jam. Of course, the main ingredient being a fresh hot pot of tea coming in different flavours. Some parts of England prefer a slight variation to cream tea, called “thunder and lightning,” which involves a bread roll with clotted cream and honey instead of jam. If you prefer this kind of variation, then please let you know so we can provide you with the same.

Best cream tea in North Devon served at Northcote Manor's restaurant

Our Tea-Friendly Locations

When it comes to Cream Tea, the location is just as important as food. At Northcote Manor, we have beautiful lounges including the;- Oak Room Lounge and The Main Lounge which are decorated with a regency style splendour.

The weather outside is frightful? Get cosy next to one of our fires and do some storm watching while you indulge in the best Cream Tea in North Devon. On the contrary, when Devon is basking in glorious sunshine, our manor garden seating areas will offer you stunning views of the Devonshire countryside while you indulge in the best Cream Tea in North Devon.

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